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10 Danger Signs that Your Cat is Stressed

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Just like humans, cats also can experience stress and anxiety. There are used with routine stuff so even a little change in their environment can affect their behavior. They display a good sort of physical and verbal signs to point out their owners that something is wrong with them.

A lot of common situations can trigger these problems including a replacement pet or person within the house, car rides, and veterinary visits. They show discomfort and it’s the owner’s responsibility to understand this to avoid future problems. to assist you to identify, here are 10 danger signs that your cat is stressed:

  1. Spraying

Urinating outside the litter box can indicate medical issues like tract infection, bladder or kidney stones, or any related diseases. it’s an honest thing to possess your cat to visit your veterinarian to form sure they’re going to be fine. This way, you’ll prevent future problems regarding your cat’s health.

  1. Gastrointestinal Issues

Some cats experience vomiting, diarrhea, or constipation once they are stressed. it’s best to consult your veterinarian when this happens. you would possibly think it is simply solely stressed but it’s better to make certain and have your cat get medicated.

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While some cats hide once they are stress, others react differently. They become too aggressive towards humans and animals that they use their claws and teeth defensively. that’s why in cases like this, it’s advisable to possess them locked up or restrained during a pet clinic to regulate their aggression.

Excessive Grooming

Overly licking, scratching, and biting at their bodies indicates the strain in your cats. this will cause skin irritation or infection so it’s vital to watch your cat’s behavior. Disregard the thought of allergies, fleas, and any environmental component when this sign occurs.


Many cats hide in places like under the bed, behind couches, or insider drawers. Some owners thought that they’re just playing but this is often their thanks to reducing their stress. They run away and tries to cover during a place where they feel safe.

Tail Positioning

When a cat is during a state of hysteria or stress, they tend to carry their tail during a low position and flick it back and forth. The cat’s tail is the most expressive part of their body. So once they display this behavior, you ought to take care as they become aggressive and defensive.


The cat vocalizing through meowing, hissing, growling, or yowling is their thanks to displaying displeasure. it’s best to remain far away from them and provides them enough space to handle their stress. Silent cats are even dangerous to interact with so take into consideration their visual communication.

Extreme Shedding

In a stressful situation, cats often experience a traditional physiologic response in shedding. Their muscles become tense that leads to the excessive release of follicles of their hairs referred to as telogen. it’s a natural reaction and is tough to avoid once your cat has high anxiety.


A normal cat has a mean of 20 to 30 breaths per minute. When your cat shows a rise in pulse, pulse, and any respiratory issues then you ought to call your veterinarian directly. this example is extremely alarming and thought of an emergency.

Physical Changes

Stressed cat has wider eyes, dilated pupils, and pins their ear back flat on their heads. it’s a hormonal or flight response in stressful situations. you would like to regulate their emotions and appearance closely at their physical reaction to assist them with their stress.

Ways to assist Your Stressed Cat
It is always the simplest thing to possess your cat to have a meeting together with your veterinarian if the above signs occur. But, if they disregard the explanation for medical issues then you want to remember other ways on how you’ll help your stressed cat. Here are some tips to alleviate the strain and anxiety in your cat:

Play and Exercise

Having a daily exercise or playtime together with your cat to spice up their confidence. you’ll try activities like letting them chase a mouse or follow a feather to scale back their anxiety and stress. you’ll also use cat toys to distract them and turned their attention to other activities.

Safe Zone

Create a secure zone for your cat and provides them the space they have. it’s nice to possess their getaway place once they feel threatened by other animals or humans. Moving them to a quiet spot or getting cat trees is often a possible area for them.

High-Quality Food

Your cat chow must be high-quality because it is important to their health and well-being. Prepare a well-balanced diet to make sure of their good life stage and lifestyle. once you attempt to switch to other brands, you’ll start by adding little at a time to form time for your cat to regulate.

Always remember the signs of stress in your cats. If it’s needed, have a daily check-up together with your veterinarian to form sure there are not any medical issues. Help your cat affect stress by making changes in your house to form them to feel safe and cozy.

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