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6 Symptoms Of A Heart Attack That Occurs Only In Women

These are nearly always the most reason for early death within the times and when it happens that an attack strikes, it can’t always feel an equivalent in women because it does in men.

Women don’t any time get equivalent classic attack symptoms as men do, for instance, heavy pain that radiates down one arm, although these attack symptoms can happen to women, many will experience some vague or maybe silent symptoms that they will fairly often be missed.

Here follow the six signs every woman should know to stay the disease as far as possible.

Pain in your arm(s), neck, back, or jaw
These could also be very confusing, due to tot he incontrovertible fact that an attack is primarily related to pain within the chest or within the left arm, and rarely within the neck or jaw. Moreover, this might be progressive, nagging, acute or sudden and should also wake you up within the middle of the night which is that the reason why you’d better consult a doctor as soon as you notice any of those unusual symptoms.

Sharp stomach pain, sickness
A lot of the days we will mistake stomach pain that signals an attack with heartburn, the flu, or a stomach ulcer and a few other times, women might experience severe abdominal pressure which will feel like an elephant sitting on your stomach.

Cold sweat
This one is simply another common symptom among women, so when your body has poor blood circulation then your brain isn’t receiving the right blood flow that it needs to function properly. this is often a symbol that you simply could be in some danger so you ought to search for some medical attention just in case the cold sweats don’t lower.

Shortness of breath and dizziness
There is only one more organ that will suffer from loss of blood flow, which is that the lungs. just in case you’re experiencing trouble breathing for no clear reason, you’ll be having an attack, especially if you’re also having one or more other symptoms. Many of the ladies who survived it have said they felt like that they had run a marathon, albeit they didn’t even move.

Increased fatigue
Some of the people that have attack will feel extremely tired, although they need to be been sitting still for a short time or haven’t moved and this one may be a very alarming signal and a reason to offer a number of some time to the state of your circulatory system.

Pressure and pain within the chest
Feeling this is often one among the foremost common attack signals, and it’s called angina and is caused when your heart isn’t getting enough oxygen-rich blood. tons folks people will ignore this symptom, simply because they think it’s only indigestion, but, if the pressure is constant, it’s an immediate sign that an attack might happen. And what is more, some females are having pain not on the left side of the chest but within the whole area around it. I fit happens that the pain or pressure doesn’t disappear within a couple of minutes, call your doctor an equivalent moment.

Note: These are all signs that aren’t a guarantee of an early attack, but a mixture of them, and also the usual occurrence of equivalent symptoms is a quite sufficient reason to go to your doctor

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